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Studio Space for Rent in Bangalore

Rent our well-equipped Spacious Studio for all your Video Production and Photography Projects

Hunting for Studio Space with the benefits of specialized skills is a daunting task for many? But now, look no further; Studio6 provides the Space for all your Production dreams. Their Studio Space Design Set offers the perfect backdrop for your commercial requirements. The Spacious Studio Set is compatible with advertising or shooting related commercial projects. A conventional and modern space with the Personal facilities of a Make-Up and Changing Room for the Clients comfort.

If you are a novice with using studio space and its amenities, do not panic, Studio6 has an experienced team always ready to help you in the process. They possess Professional Advertising qualities in Advertising, E-Commerce, and Product Photography. In addition to their Advertising expertise, they offer a wide range of services to build your Brand Product or bear the Testimonies of success projects.

Need a space for your own? Rent is an option.

The lack of Space can hinder your creativity and imagination; having this in mind, Studio6 provides a hassle-free alternative for your concerns, and you can rent their Space monthly for large productions based in India. With their beautiful and spacious Studio Set, you have the freedom of design as per your desires.  At Studio6, you are given the power to collaborate without the lonesome burden of Post-Production demands. After the shoot, whilst the heaps of footage may seem daunting. Here, we provide a Studio Space, along with a professional quality of Post-Production services to perfectly wrap up your production project without any loose ends.

A more detailed overview of the services provided by our team:

  • High-End Image Retouching and Photo-Editing
  • Videography Services in Brand Marketing, Product Commercials, Testimonials, Corporate and Social sectors
  • Photography Services in Portraits, E-Commerce Design, Watermarking, Image management, Image Editing, Tabletop product Photography and Image formatting
  • Studio Space Design planning
  • Post-Production Services
  • Monthly-basis rental agreement

Our Client is fully prepared for their journey of Video and Photography, and no one gets left behind. Right after meeting our Client, we started discussing the process of Planning and Studio Set design in detail. It leads to the next stage of Video Production or a Photoshoot, without any disturbances. Finally, we retouch and deliver the final image for the Big Screens in the Post Production stage.

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