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Studio6  is a commercial studio offering studio hire, professional photography, video shoots and post-production services including image retouching and video editing. Our studio can be hired for a wide variety of professional shoots, providing the technical and creative expertise you need to get the very best for your business.

Cost Effective Got a small budget? Many of our clients are individuals and small businesses and we are always willing to see if we can make it work.  Let us know your budget, idea and deliverables let’s have a call!

Cost savings – Use of our studio is included at no charge with all photo/video shoot bookings with us!



Photography Services

Product Photography Product photography is a commercial form of photography which is used to capture the best possible representation of a product. Professional product photography is likely to augment sales by capturing the best images of the product in the most appealing way.


E-Commerce Photography It is the best way to boost online business. While buying online, the images of a product makes a huge impression as they influence customer’s buying decision to a great extent. So, to ensure a remarkable first impression, E Commerce Photography does play a significant role in the growth of your business.


Advertising Photography For an advertising campaign to be successful and to create a lasting impact, Advertising Photography is the most essential aspect. The imagery representation of a campaign is the first thing that appeals to a viewer. So, you need advertising photography conducted by skilled photographers to make your campaign a huge success.


Corporate Photography Corporate photography helps in promoting your company’s services, products or brand. It also makes clients’ thoughtful about your work. Moreover, it helps in capturing the great emotions of your best possessions – your employees – while at work or during fun, thereby enhancing impressive look of your website.


People Photography People or Portrait photography is art of capturing images of an individual or group of individuals to portray their personality. This is done by using different poses and effective means of lighting and appealing backdrops. People Photography can be used for the purpose of creating portfolios.


Video Services

Brand Video Video contents have become a key tool for building brands. In fact, brand video is the latest form or approach of marketing, which is getting popular among people. Brand videos or online videos have found a significant status for brand engagement like blogs and newsletters. These videos make a better impact by mean of sharing wonderful stories to appeal to the audience.


Commercial Video Interesting commercial videos makes an impressive impression to last a long time. People remember inspiring and appealing commercials.  Not only do they effectively deliver your key message to the audience, but also take your company/brand/product to a new height.


Social Video A social video is a short video that is created precisely to enhance audience engagement. Social videos are effective for driving and growing engagement of audiences and to highlight a single story. They are shared through social media networks.


Corporate Video Corporate videos help in promoting a brand by using visual content. It thus helps is the marketing of your brand and company. With best corporate videos, companies are likely to elevate their brands and business to a great level. These videos help in creating a bond with the audience or clients.


Testimonial Videos Testimonial Video is a video that captures the views and opinions of a customer or client as they talk about a product or service that they have used or liked. It is one of the most dynamic forms of marketing tool that can be efficiently used to impress new consumers. Testimonial videos offer huge opportunity for companies to entice prospective customers.


Product Video A product video is one that acts as an interpreter to efficiently demonstrate the pros and cons of a product. It mostly focuses on product features and benefits to woo audience into becoming loyal consumers. A product video skilfully answers all queries related to a product, how to use it as well as its pain points, if any.


Video Editing


Image Retouching

We offer High End Retouching, Specialising in Advertising, Product and Fashion. Our Expert, Freindly team is committed to creating outstanding imagery. Our Retouch team are responsible for bringing your images to life whether this is retouching a beauty campaign, producing elegant catalogue shots or creating vibrant social media post images. We strive to form long term relationships with our clients built on trust.


Artwork Adaptations

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