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Product Photography in Bangalore

Any image of a product for sale is considered product photography. These photos, often known as commercial photography, encourage shoppers to buy the
photographed objects. They complement textual copy and product descriptions with product facts and features. The goal is to give potential customers a complete picture of the product.

What are the different types of product photography?

Following are the different types of product photography:

#1 White Background

One Commerce marketplaces, you'll notice photos with a white background. Individual product photos are also acknowledged (though sometimes white background shots feature multiple images). This is the most typical type of product photo you'll see. When we looked at product photographs from the most popular fashion brands, we discovered that 95% of them featured a white background.

#2 Contextual

Contextual shots show products in use. These images are good since they show customers how to use the products daily while also providing a sense of scale.
When you have these photographs, people may imagine themselves using the goods.

#3 Lifestyle

Contextual and lifestyle product photography share a lot of similarities. However, there is one significant difference: lifestyle photography frequently involves and is focused on real people. Some of the contextual photos lack humans.

#4 Scale shots

Scale shots are product images that serve as a frame of reference for imagining the size of the products. While product specifications and dimensions are helpful, shoppers occasionally require an image to see how big or tiny a thing is compared to other items.

#5 Detailed

Minor features that aren't visible in a typical product photo are visual in detailed product shots. And this is especially true when it comes to garments, footwear, and accessories, especially in the luxury market.

#6 Group

Multiple objects are there in group product shots. You could bundle them as a promotion or include the same item in various products.

#7 Flat lay

Flat lay product photos became popular on social media, particularly Instagram. Photographs taken from a bird's eye perspective are known as flat lay. The layout encourages you to be creative with how you arrange your products, so it's a great way to have fun while also adding variety to your site's imagery. Furthermore, these images perform well on social media.

#8 Packaging

Packaging product photos are images that appear on the box, bag, label, or another packaging- in which your merchandise is contained. These images are significant because they appeal to in-person buyers.


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